GOB Creates Eco-Block Game


About GOB

Universal Flourishing Age is a decentralized, open and transparent game economy ecosystem, in which all assets have sufficient liquidity and clear appreciation logic, so as to provide a convenient asset distribution channel for game publishers, asset trading platform and content sharing platform for game players, so as to provide ecological participation. They can win-win with each other.
At present, the development of block chains is still in its early stage, and many projects can not really come to the ground, while the game sector is an important direction for block chains to achieve large-scale commercial applications, and the Universal Flourishing Age will serve as an infrastructure to break through global game assets, so that more players in the game industry can make use of the block chains. Idea, get more space for development. Based on this goal, Universal Shengshi provides ecological services such as Universal Shengshi Game Eco-Exchange, Asset Management, Game Distribution Platform, Game Incubator, Game Public Chain for game industry participants, so as to build the infrastructure of the block chain game industry, and ultimately build a safe, free, open and transparent game asset flow. Ecology.


Trading platform


Game community


Asset management


GOB Pass Acquisition Method



With the increasing demand of block chain technology in the field of game and market, and the game industry is an important support for block chain technology to land, so the circulation of game assets and digital passes will also usher in an explosive period. At this critical point where opportunities and challenges coexist, Universal Shengshi launched the game ecological trading platform. Provide fair, open and transparent asset trading platform for global game enthusiasts. For game ecology, game jewelry trading is just the need of players, but also can bring a large number of users and traffic for the ecology.

Notarization Economic Model

GOB passes issued a total of 1 billion, of which 15% were released by the foundation in 10 years, 65% by game mining, 10% by operation team, 10% by five years, 10% by technical team, and 3% by intranet transaction fee.